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Make your problem our challange.

Two know more then one, so to speak. RSK gladly participates in seeking the solution for uncommon problems you may encounter.

We have a creative team of people who can think outside the box with competences and experience in specific area's. Steal construction, loading- and unloading techniques, health and safety adjustments or the developement of a special tool for a specific job, we can solve your problem.

Furthermore we can assist in logistical or adminstrative queries. RSK can provide temporary storage, take over your maintenance records, help you transport big and heavy parts or machines, assist in purchasing spareparts or find you a partner for transporting your goods. All-round to us is not a term but a concept.

If you desire, someone from RSK can even be employed on a temporary basis at a third party to guide your project.

If you're interested, please contact Marcel Roozendaal or Hans Kuijpers at the home office in Bergen op Zoom. They can help you most certainly.



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