Container Service; ready while you wait.

Beside the mobile services, RSK can also repair and maintain your containers. Located at the alternative routes between the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam (highways A4 and A58) RSK makes the ideal pitsstop for an instant repair of any container (tank-, bulk- or regular container).

In most cases, the container will be repaired within the hour. This limits the loss of time for the truck driver to a minimum. If instant repair is not possible, RSK offers you the possibility to store the container on chassis on our enclosed and guarded site untill repairs have finished.

Examples of repairs that can be carried out immediately;

  • Repair of tears and deformations.
  • Repair of locks, hinges and grips.
  • Replacement of (manhole) gaskets.
  • Replacement of butterfly valves or connections.
  • Replacement of walkways.

Repairs mentioned below will take more time;

  • Replacement of corner pieces.
  • Replacement of insulation or parts of it.
  • Pressure tests or inspections (2 1/2 or 5 yearly).
  • Repair of large parts on layers of steel / aluminum.

Smaller repairs can be transfered to us by phone (preferably with an ETA for the truck), the larger repairs should be transfered to us by mail with ETA and maximum time of availabilty.




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