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Good maintenance is a specialised job!

That sounds easy enough but in practice it isn't. We at RSK are convinced that proper maintenance is essential for a safe utilization of a railcar and will prevent major damages.

The periode that a railcar has to run without revision is set to 4 or even 6 years. Under normal circumstances, the railcar will not be handeled by a workshop unless there are serious defects. With the present pressure on turn-around times it's crucial that any defects are handeled before they can cause irreversable damage. Exactly that's where maintenance or, how we like to call it, Preventive Maintenance plays a crucial role.

On executing preventive maintenance the railcar is thoroughly inspected on all critical points that are vital for the safety and availabilty. At the same time, all moving parts are greased and any damages or defects repaired. Furthermore, all brakeblocks that measure 25mm or less in thickness are changed. Goal is to have the railcar operational for at least six months under normal circumstances. This offcourse may vary depending on the number of trips and the correct usage.

RSK also performs the 6M and 12M service maintenance for different owners and transport companies. For this type of maintenance, lists have been developed which act as a guide for our mechanics. These lists have been approved by the Dutch Transport Board and are part of certification at these companies. RSK reports railcarnumber specific on a daily basis to these clients and hold the lists in their archives for possible investigations afterwards.

RSK is aware of the importance of a clean environment. That's why we exclusively use greasing product that are biodegradable. Because these type of lubricants are constantly improved, we hold a close eye on any developments in this area to insure that we use the best product available at that time.




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