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How can RSK assist you with our mobile service?

RSK has five fully equipped service vehicles available to perform all kinds of mobile repairs or different types of maintenance. Two of those vehicles are permanently stationed in the Rotterdam Harbour area.

Altough all vehicles are equipped to perform 90% of all the work they encounter, there are a few distinctive differences that make them suitable for specific jobs. One of the vehicles for instance carries the necessary parts and tools that make it suitable for repairs on rail tank cars, while another one is specially equiped for the heavier jobs, complete with 380V power, oxyacetylene burner and lifting equipement.

The mechanics that man the veheicles are all certified rail surveyors and have specific knowledge on construction, rail tank cars with their fittings and individual types of railcars.

Next to the more common repairs, RSK can also perform larger repairs on location. For instance changing wheelsets or buffers, replacing gliding pieces on the bogey, replacing towing systems or repairs on doors/canopies on special cargo railcars.

RSK has the objective to visit a defective railcar within 48 hours. In 90% of the cases, this railcar will also be repaired within this time frame. If repairs are not possible it will most likely be due to lack of specialised parts (triple valve, brake rod adjuster, wheelsets). If this occurs, RSK handles the ordering of the sparepart(s) and will mount it the day following the delivery in Bergen op Zoom.

Precedent to the repair, you will receive a copy of the repair order by mail for information and to check if we have filled in the correct data. After repair you will receive a ready notice, stating the exact nature of the repair. This is also our release to full service of the railcar.

Any repair orders from your side can best be transfered to us by mail on the general email adress ( or through our special order form. In case you wish to use our order form, please contact our central office. You will then receive a link to this web-based form.



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