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Leakproof and time saving, what more can you wish for?

To make the connection between a transport vehicle and the loading / unloading dock used to be an annoyingly heavy and timeconsuming procedure. To loosen or fit eight bolts and nuts was hard work, let alone the spillage that was caused by any fluids or gases that were left in the hose or the pipe. Those times lie far behind us because RSK offers you the dry-break couplings from various suppliers.

The dry-break coupling is a self opening and closing connection that has it's roots in the off-shore industry and the Formula 1. The principle is based on a sort of bajonet catch that operates both the valve in the tank unit (on the transport vehicles) as the valve in the hose unit (on the hose or pipe) simultaniously. The valves can only open when the connection between the couplings is correctly established. This connection is made by turning the hose unit a quarter turn. The couplings can also be fitted with a selectivity to prevent products from being mixed.

RSK is dealer as well as service location for Todo and MannTek, the two leading maufacturers of dry-break couplings. Through purchasing directly with these companies in larger numbers, we can offer you a handsome discount on your order. Revisions and repairs on any couplings are performed in our workshop in Bergen op Zoom and will usually be completed within two days. RSK has the most common couplings on stock.

For more information or placing your order, please contact Corne Kuijpers at the home office in Bergen op Zoom. You can follow the links below for detailed discriptions on the dry-break couplings and information on possible applications.





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