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Surveying knows many aspects but the most important is independance, followed directly by competence. RSK offers you the opportunity to use this independancy on a number of different occasions where a third party is required. A few examples are;

  • 2 1/2- en 5-years inspection of tankcontainers and IBC's.
  • D- en H-examinations of railtankcars (4- en 8-years inspection).
  • Surveys on damages (f.i. derailment).
  • Examine railcars that returned from a workshop.
  • Examine newly built railcars.
  • Inspection on the manufacturing proceses.
  • Hire and off-hire inspections.

All inspections, examinations and surveys are completed with a full report or, if applicable, a certificate with a marking on the railcar. The reports can be complemented with photographs and/or a verbal clarification. It's by no means necessary but always possible that RSK executes any repairs that may be brought forward by these inspections.

Our Surveyor (Marcel Roozendaal) works in name of Lloyds Registered Rail and is fully trained and certified to execute any inspection. All certificates will be standing in the name of Lloyds.

Please contact Marcel Roozendaal directly on our home office number or through email.




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