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How can RSK assist you with our mobile service?

RSK Lyon has two fully equipped service units and a combi available. The service units are suitable for all common repairs where the combi is more for inspections and maintenance.

The mechanics that man the vehicles are all trained and experienced railcar mechanics who can manage almost all forecoming defects on railcars. The experience comes from workshops where they were employed before coming to RSK. In this way we now have a rail tank car specialist and someone who knows all there is to know about breaking systems. This person is even certified for these kind of repairs so we can overhaul, for instance, brake rod adjusters in our own workshop.

Because of the greater distances in France, it's unfortunately not always possible to be with a railcar within 48 hours. Never the less, we will always try. A great advantage with this is that our mechanics are familiair with the railroad legislation in France and therefor have an easier acces to shunting yards. As in Holland, RSK Lyon will order any parts that are not in stock and mount them soonest after reception.

Precedent to the repair, you will receive a copy of the repair order by mail for information and to check if we have filled in the correct data. After repair you will receive a ready notice, stating the exact nature of the repair. This is also our release to full service of the railcar.

To transfer any repair orders to us, you can best get in contact with our Lyon office on phonenumber +33(0)9 612 14071 or through email on As an alternative, you can always contact the home office in Bergen op Zoom. They will take care of your order by redirecting it to Lyon.




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