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Your container, our care.

RSK is specialized in repairing, maintaining and inspection of all kinds of containers. Tank containers, bulk containers, sea containers or IBC's, we can handle them all. Even the new built of drop-off containers can be handeled by RSK.

Smaller damages can be repaired right away (ready while you wait). For bigger damages, the container can stay over with us. It's not necessary to have to container on chassis because we can use the reach stacker of Indaver on demand and we have special equipment to place the container of the ground.

Aspecially for tank containers, we have the most common parts in stock, like gaskets, valves and walkways. Furthermore we can weld and cut steel on site and have various thickness in steel and aluminium plate available. For use on the DOW location, we have constructed a demountable banister which can be placed in the corner posts of the container. This invention, which can be rented with us, has already saved a few truck drivers from making an expencive roundtrip to the depot to get another container.

For more information or placing repair orders, please contact the home office in Bergen op Zoom by phone or by email.




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